Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 6th September 268 Boulevard
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The KENDROS restaurant will satisfy the distinguished tastes of Plovdiv citizens and the guests of the town with its specialties from the national and international cuisine, originally selected wines and high-quality alcoholic drinks.

The pleasure, which you will experience from our culinary offers, will remain unforgettable memory. Our main policy is to offer only healthy and checked foods. During each season we make a first-class selection of the leading products and they attend in precisely picked combinations.

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In KENDROS restaurant you will find a cosy and calm atmosphere, an elegant furnishing, professional service, discretion and comfort in the heart of Plovdiv, as well as a beautiful summer garden.

The impressive artistic interior contributes to the total comfort of the guests and is complemented of tender musical background or TV monitors for the people, who prefer not to miss their favourite TV broadcasts or sport meetings. For the guests, who want to combine their stay at the restaurant with work is secured Wi-Fi Internet free of charge.

The restaurant provides 100 seats and a summer terrace with 20 seats. The space organization allows mobility and possibilities for attractive transformation for each kind of business and informal events and festivities.

The team of professionals in KENDROS hotel will organize with perfection your business event, cocktail, wedding, anniversary, birthday or other company or family celebration. We will take care to create a unique atmosphere for each occasion, paying special attention to each detail - from the decoration and the menu to the thematic entertaining programs.


You can take advantage of our numerous offers, orientated to broad customer circle:

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  • Varied lunch menu - with us you have the possibility to tear yourself away from the rhythm of the working day and to enjoy our culinary offers
  • Catering on the territory of Plovdiv
  • Receptions, cocktails and celebrations - we will offer you everything, which would convert your reception into continuation of your successful business
  • Wedding celebrations – we know how important is this day for you and will help you to make it unforgettable
  • Graduation celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries - KENDROS restaurant will handle the entire organization of your daily or evening event
  • With us you can experience your most special moments and give beauty and attention to the people, which are important for you
  • Special menu for the corporate guests of the hotel, conformable to their budget
  • Business-lunch or dinner - with us the business talks will be dressed with excellent food and drinks

Here are our new offers in step with the latest tendencies in the restaurant branch:

  • Business breakfast - this is a new formula, which replaces increasingly the traditional business-lunch. According to the specialists this is the best format for meetings in the early hours of the day and is combined often with different presentations and press-conferences. With us you will have the possibility to carry your contacts outside the strict business circle in one more informal background, where the communication between the participants is easier and the smiles more frequent. This is a contemporary format, combining the useful with the pleasant, which is accepted extraordinary positively from clients and partners.
  • Brunch – its conception is set in the name - something between breakfast and lunch. In our country it is popular mainly as a Sunday event for the family or friends. It is usually organized in the time between 11.00 a.m. and 15.00 p.m. during the weekends or holidays. In KENDROS restaurant you can organize one amusing lunch meeting with friends or your family event. The Brunch is also other possibility for a business meeting, which is not set up in such early hour for a breakfast, but it is not too late to be lunch. We offer variety of dishes, which are not included in the standard menu of the restaurant - the standard elements for one breakfast, as well as salads, main courses, desserts, wide choice of drinks, champagne and sparkling wines.

Experience your greatest moments - cocktails, parties, family celebrations, wedding in the paradise nook near the center of the city!


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